Friday, July 25, 2003

We've had two days of almost no internet service and intermittent e-mail. Suddenly, it's come roaring back. I feel the same way we used to feel in the country when the power would come back on after a big thunderstorm.

Public opposition to relaxing rules on media ownership finally has caught the ear of the House of Representatives, according to this story. The message hasn't yet penetrated the White House, but it could.

You know, there is a bright side to the collapse of Touch America. Once the company is finally dissolved, it will mark the first time in a century that Montana hasn't been under the thumb of the Anaconda company or one of its minions. Shouldn't we celebrate Montana Independence Day? We could wave Montana flags, melt copper coins, set fire to Bob Gannon photos and give fiery speeches from the hollowed-out M&M bar in Butte. If freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose, then Touch America has left us free for the first time.

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