Tuesday, February 10, 2004

In the Montana Green Party Weekly Bulletin, Paul Stephens calls on Bob Kelleher to quit call himself a Green:

"So, Bob, before you burn any more bridges or incur the wrath of Greens who otherwise might work with you, or even learn from you on the issues of Parliamentary government, state ownership of public utilities, mineral rights, water rights, etc., I will ask you publicly to quit calling yourself a Green and quit disrupting and fragmenting our party. I know you are still a Democrat at heart, and are angry at your party for violating your personal ethical and social beliefs. You apparently hold that anyone who chooses to terminate her pregnancy, or helps her do so, is a criminal and should be punished, accordingly. This is a view which has no place in the Green Party, and I think we'd outvote you 95 to 5 or so on that issue, in case you still believe in the democratic process."

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