Friday, September 29, 2006

Segregated swimming

Occasionally, a student nails it. In the business class I sit in on at Rocky, discussion yesterday turned to laws banning smoking in restaurants and other public places. One student expressed frustration over restaurants that place non-smoking areas just a table or two away from smoking areas.

One student chimed in: "That's like having a 'peeing area' in a pool."


Christine said...

Absolutely! Just to give you a little perspective, I live in upstate New York (I grew up in Billings) and we have had a ban on smoking in public places in force for over two years now. As a non-smoker, IT'S GREAT! The push back has been much less than you would imagine, especially in upstate which is much more "red" than you would think. The ban is making it more and more difficult for smokers to smoke. January 2007, my employer will begin a ban on smoking ANYWHERE on the property (indoors or out). It's okay to work there, you just can smoke there.

Sandra said...

I can't believe that people find it okay that you can't smoke, but you can still have all the access to alcohol you want? It's okay to harass and patronize smokers and feel all Uebermensch compared to "those smokers", yet the same Uebermenschen won't do anything to ban alcohol? How much more ridiculous can it get? First the ban on smoking, what is going to be next?

I don't even smoke and I still have a big problem with this. It is obvious that everyone has their own agenda. Sort of like, oh well, I don't smoke, so I am against smokers. But I do drink, so I will never say anything that might endanger my love for the alcohol. It doesn't make sense.

I can't sit in a bar where there is alcohol served and be spared from obnoxious, loud and rude, but socially totally accepted, semi-drunk "normal" people. I am not even talking about full fledged alcoholics, but the likes of which you find in pretty much every establishment like the Brew Pup or the Rex and the likes.

To be honest, I'd rather breathe some smoke for an hour or two than to have my eardrums shattered because of those not too drunk but drunk enough to be loud and obnoxious people. I don't want anyone to dictate to me where I can go and where not. What's the difference between alcohol and smoking? It's both harmful to your health. One is just socially acceptable because everyone thinks it's okay and funny to be drunk. The other is a little smelly and makes it easier for non-smokers to mark smokers as outcasts.

It's kind of like people who point their fingers at obese people: They stand out like a sore thumb, much like smokers. But all those thousands of thin people, and all the gruesome tactics they use to stay thin, from surgery to starvation, that's okay because it's not so visible, eh?