Monday, March 26, 2007

Fading Green

In this week's Montana Green Bulletin, Paul Stephens asks, "Is there a future for the Green Party?" His answer:

Apparently not in Montana. If young people aren't organizing and joining, we are as doomed as the Communist Party and the Industrial Workers of the World. There are, of course, a few hundred dedicated, middle-aged (or older) adults in the United States who still believe in the Green Party, its values, and its future prospects. California, Wisconsin, Maine, New York, Missouri, and a few other states still have active parties fielding candidates, but it's probably safe to say that there's no hope for the Green Party in Montana.

To me it seems that there is real sentiment for a third party in this country, but none of the available flavors -- Green, Libertarian, Constitution -- seem to satisfy. What would it take?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The ConstiSTUPID Party of Montana. You fellas in the press slay me. By including the wack party of rick jore, you give it a degree of legitimacy that it does NOT deserve! And I object to that. Dave, here's your chance. Just WHAT do you know about the C. party? Not much I'd say. If you did, you would not include it in the list with the others above. The implication clearly is that the C.stupid party is a reasonable alternative to our current established parties. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! The C.stupid party consists of friggin' NUTJOBS who believe the that country should be a theocracy. That's scary stuff. That's nutty stuff. THAT'S TALIBANIC STUFF! So, please, in the future, do NOT include the C.stupid party in the manner above UNLESS you know what you're talking about. And PLEASE, as a guy with a reputable newspaper, take it upon yourself to inform your readers. Start with the C.stupid party website. Then google Domionists and christian reconstructionism. And then read the booklet from the Montana Human Rights Network. As an editor, you have a DUTY to do this. If you'd like, I'll write a nice piece for you paper. I don't have time right now to go into details. But let me add, the founder of this party is one jonathon martin, a guy who is ALWAYS outside Planned Parenthood offices here in Great Falls with HUGE graphic posters of supposed abortions. This is a very sick man. These are very sick people. They need to be exposed. Please do it.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Shane C. Mason said...

I would like to think that there is a future for the Green Party in Montana, but perhaps folks are just trying to unite under the single banner of the Democratic party until the current administration and problems with the state GOP are dealt with.

Pete Hansen said...

I'm starting a new party that I think will appeal to the majority of citizens in this country. It will be called the P.O.T. party for P------ Off Taxpayers! Anyone out there want to join?

DMerriman said...

I think a 3rd political party could happen iff (that's 'if' and ONLY 'if'):
A) they would say something other than the vague political promises we've all learned to discount;
B) they could actually do something unique, innovative, and honest;
C) somehow manage to convince people that they had something better than a snowballs chance in Hell of accomplishing anything like (A) or (B).
Otherwise, I expect that most folks would consider them to be the same old effluvium, just from a different horse.

The existing political system is biased in favor of the established political parties: one doesn't get the magic funding from the government until a political movement hits a certain threshhold - and a 3rd party likely wouldn't hit that point without adequate funding (which only someone independently wealthy could provide).

I think the best that can be hoped for is that any organization outside the existing system could make its presence felt enough to garner a little attention and maybe a few concessions from the Big Two.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a centrist party in this country. The Republicans have been hijacked by right-wing Bible-Thumping wackos, while the Democrats are being run by the loonies on the far left. Moderates in both parties are pretty much ignored (with the knowledge that they would never jump to the other party). Both are being held hostage by what Teddy Roosevelt famously called "the lunatic fringe."

Something like the Reform Party of the 1990s would work, as long as there isn't a nut case (see Perot, H. Ross) running the show.

Kirk Dooley, Mesa, AZ

Mark Tokarski said...

The Green Party was never more than a little magnet useful only to the degree that it could pull Democrats leftward. Their only viable strategy was to threaten Democrats with loss of votes unless they took leadership on a progressive issue or two. It was that threat that made them viable in 2000. In 2004, they surrendered in advance of the battle, making it clear to Kerry that they would not contest him. They ceased to be viable of their own accord. They blew it.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Kirk, I sure wish that you could provide an exampe of the "loonies" on the far left! I don't see it that way. One needs only to go to Helena and look around, and you'll discover that ALL the loonies are on the right! Now, if you need exmamples of that, I'll gladly provide! And to Dave, the GF Trib FINALLY allowed a guest editorial today on the Constistupid Party. FINALLY! With the state being held hostage by Jork, it's about time that people understood just WHO we're dealin' with here! When will YOU report on the Stupid party???


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Kathleen Plumb of The Four Marks magazine? Her website appears to be down and I was wondering if she's still publishing? I didn't know where else to ask. Thank you.