Monday, December 17, 2007

He's back -- no, really

OK, it wasn't much of a comeback. I underestimated how many papers I still had to grade and how much catching up around the office. Then there were a few hours of pure indolence: grocery shopping, movie watching ("Beowulf" in 3D!), even a TV football game. And there's that thing about blogging: The further away I get from it, the smaller it looks. If I don't have my nose in it every day, it doesn't seem to much matter.

But there was this: My annual survey of news consumption habits among my journalism students once again turned up not a single regular consumer of news and political blogs. I have asked every year since I first heard about blogs, and while I no longer have to explain what a blog is, I still haven't found a student who regularly reads blogs for news and commentary.

As I told them, failing to follow the news when one is in college isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's one time in life when it makes sense to focus on news that never stops being news, like "Beowulf" in 1D, which I spent a whole semester on in graduate school. After seeing the movie, I picked up my copy of the poem, wondering whether I remembered any of the language. In short: No. It might as well have been my blog.


Jay Stevens said...

You need to buck up and take a lesson from Ed K, who blogged on his deathbed!

David said...

Kemmick makes Beowulf look like Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot.