Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Hannity kept reminding me that jobs are created by private enterprise and all government does is get in the way. Government is the problem, not the solution, he was saying.

No doubt that is why Somalia, with practically no government at all, is thriving.


Anonymous said...

That Hannity might never explain clearly what is meant by "government getting in the way" is not surprising. He probably doesn't understand what is government's proper role if you want a strong econmy AND personal freedom. But I really thought you would know that limited government does not mean chaos and anarchy. I actually believe you do know the difference and are being rather disingenuous in suggesting that what Hannity means is the same thing as no government, which while a common ploy of debate for many partisans, is beneath you. If not then I guess I have mis-judged you, and I will reasses. I guess if this is reflective of how liberals view what conservatives who want limited governmental interaction in business (those few who really do) mean, then it explains better their irratonal clinging to concepts that require a police state to enforce. The difference is but a matter of degree.

David said...

I actually do want limited government. But I do not believe that I have exaggerated how extreme Hannity's rhetoric is.