Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Good example?

I've made quite a bit of fun of the Montana GOP E-briefs in this space because of the comical way they distort most of what goes on in the world. Then I quit getting them for a while. I thought maybe the GOP decided it was bad business to send their rhetoric to someone who would just ridicule it.

But I have gotten a few Montana Republican e-mails lately that are far different in tone from the old stuff. They have been focusing on the upcoming convention (natch) and on what the GOP could actually do to make itself useful in this state.

Maybe the national party should take notice. The Republican National Committee e-mails are as bizarre as ever. But Republicans and Democrats in Montana worked and played pretty well together in the last legislative session. Left in the West (which appears to be temporarily out of commission) even gave a well deserved shout-out to Republican Bill Glaser, which reminded me not only of how much I like Glaser but of how many other solid and reasonable Republican legislators I have gotten to know in this state.

By that I don't mean liberals in Republican disguise. I mean real conservatives, who know what they stand for but also understand that ideology isn't everything.

While the national Republican Party seems ready to self-immolate, Montana Republicans actually seem willing to do what they were elected to do: Serve the people of the state.

Maybe that's why the Republican Party has remained stronger here than in most other states. And maybe the national party could learn something from Montana.

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