Tuesday, November 25, 2003

E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post is easier on Max Baucus than Al Hunt was in the Wall Street Journal, but it's still painful sledding for Max. One longtime Billings Democrat sent me this note: "It seems to me that Montana Democrats ought to consider "censuring" Mr.Baucus and suggest to him that if he runs for re-election in five years(!) Democratic party support now won't be automatic. Bob Ream needs to be asked what he will do about this, too. Yellowstone County Democrats need to take a position as well--as I am sure th[e]y will. I imagine the Montana Republicans can't wait for the next Senate election cycle. A much better Democrat than Max noted that "all politics is local" -- Max forgets Montana Democrats to[o] often, not just because he forgets, which is bad enough, but because he might not just be bright enough to handle Washington politics. Max might just be the best Democratic Senator the Republicans can count on.

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