Wednesday, November 26, 2003

A new group is forming in Lockwood to push for yet another vote on a sewer system. Citizens for a Better Lockwood elected Carlotta Hecker as president, Lois Logan as vice president and Glenn Seavy as treasurer. Dave Riley was asked to handle media relations.

A news release said, "Those who attended the [organizational] meeting noted the high level of misinformation and the lack of voter turnout in the last election. That election saw a critical vote on a new community sewer system for Lockwood receive a majority of the vote but fail to reach a 'super majority' by just 37 votes."

Carl Peters, president of the Lockwood Water and Sewer board, said mail-in ballots for the next attempt will go out on Jan. 20. For my money, the group already is ahead of previous efforts just by sending an e-mail announcing the effort. I covered the sewer issue for the Gazette for a couple of years and know Carl Peters pretty well. Yet the Outpost has gotten zilch from the sewer board about previous elections. It's not that we're the most important people in the world, but when you're only a few dozen votes away, every e-mail and news release counts.

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