Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Comments down

Just got an e-mail from someone wondering why we decactivated comments on the Outpost website. I looked and, sure enough, comments were down.

We didn't do it on purpose and will try to get it fixed as soon as possible. But it explains why we have had no reader reaction to our endorsements last week -- an unusual development.

What it doesn't explain is why spam comments continued to get through. For the last week, we have had a website that blocks reader comments but allows spam to pass through. Now that's technology.


Anonymous said...

Dave, you should have KNOWN something was amiss when you didn't recieve my daily dose of wit and wisdom! By the way, are you still using blog material for your writing classes that you're teaching? I hope that you are. For you see, it means that my life has not been a total waste. It gladdens me to know that I have been used as a bad example!


DMerriman said...

Silly person. Your server is obviously mis-configured. You need to reset the Spam/Comments toggle on the Settings screen. :-)

David said...

If only I were a sensible enough person to have some clue what you are talking about.