Monday, October 16, 2006

Guns for Burns

From the National Rifle Association comes a news release touting its campaign support for Conrad Burns: seven billboards, 4,143 radio ads on 88 stations, 1,824 cable TV ads, inserts in 11 newspapers.

I wonder why? Jon Tester claims he's a strong Second Amendment guy, and I haven't heard any reason to dispute that. Why isn't the NRA spending its money where it might make a real difference?

I can think of only three reasons:

1. The NRA is supporting Republicans everywhere.

2. The NRA thinks Burns will win and wants him to be happy.

3. It's payback time.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to to continue.

4. The NRA GREATLY overvalues it's influence and importance. They assume that most Montanans are as dumb as Burns. Big mistake.

5. The NRA has nothing to do with protecting guns, and LOTS to do with protecting rightwing politics. (note their endless attacks on Clinton when he was in office)

6. Connie's a cheap date! Everyone knows that it doesn't take a HUGE amount of money to buy yourself your own personal greedy, venal senator! Heck, look at jack a. He bought Connie hook line and sinker for 150 grand! Now THAT'S cheap! Connies nuthin' if not a bargain!

7. We grow no tobacco in Montana. Did that stop Big Tobacco from giving Connie millions? Oh HELL no! Cause like the NRA, they know that Connie can be had! There is NO threat to gun ownership in Montana, yet they continue to funnel money to Connie.

8. They figure any state dumb enough to elect this bozo three times is dumb enough to do it endlessly!

9. The NRA needs to do SUMTHIN' to look like they're doin' sumthin'! Lots of morons out there in their ranks that need reassurin' their dues are doin' sumthin'!

10. Last but not least, they are trying valiantly to save Connie's bacon! Hey, they probly get in on Connie's pork-a-thon too! So, they're tryin' to save Connie's bacon!

Desperation is an ugly thing. But it looks good on Burns! What they SHOULD be givin' ol Connie money for is a good lawyer! Hey, is Jonnie Cochran still around? Jonnie's gonna have a leetle bit tougher time with Connie though than with OJ. For you see, with OJ, the glove didn't fit. With Connie, the shoe fits. AND HE'S WEARIN' IT!

p.s. I don't need any morons protecting my guns thank you! Guess I'll just do that myself.

Larry Kralj, Environmenal Rangers!

Anonymous said...

Here is why I am a cynic. The NRA (and Burns) believe in the right to keep and bear arms. One reason is that it keeps other countries from trying to invade us. Fair enough. But Burns says we have to win at any cost in Iraq. Fair enough. Does Burns also think that the Iraqis have the right to keep and bear arms? I don't think so.

Shane C. Mason said...

I think that it is clear, and has been for years, that the NRA's conservative agenda extends well beyond gin rights.

Anonymous said...

Tester has an 'A' rating, but in Washington are a group of liberal gun-grabbers who happen to mostly be Democrat.

If Tester were elected, it could possibly put those gun-grabbers back in power, and we'd soon see proposals to register guns, end gun shows, ban lead in ammunition, etc.

That's why he won't get the nod, it's not him, it's the company he keeps.

Anonymous said...

Eric, I hate to admit it, but you aren't just right. You are SO right this time! "The company he keeps". Burns and Jack, Jack and Burns! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks! Keep it up. Oh, and eric, the only "nodding" I see happening is our beloved sen. nodding off in meetings! Seventy-one might be just a wee bit on the old fart side to be representing Montana. Nappin' Connie needs to come home for a good long rest!


Mark T said...

I believe in the right to own guns and think that shooting gophers is an honorable pasttime. But this: "One reason is that it keeps other countries from trying to invade us." is only a little short of ludicrous. One tank = 1,500 dead hunters in fifteen minutes.

Anonymous said...

Well, actually Mark, .50 calbre BMG with incendiary ammo, and I think the score may be on hunter, ONE TANK! There's some really good stuff out there now days. I believe in parity. What the bush nazis have, I want. Works nice.