Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Easy pickings

Why Republicans lost the election.


Anonymous said...

Given the choice to laugh or cry about Mr. Mellor's letter, I guess I will laugh. By his standards, I guess I am evil. Thank goodness, my family likes me.

Jim Larson said...

Jeering women can be hard to take, especially those educated by godless universities. Both my wife and daughter are currently attending college. The godless jeering never ceases.

Anonymous said...

I'd laugh at this gentleman's letter, too, except for one thing: He's dead serious.

Of course, here in AZ, true Democrats are so rare -- the last meeting of Mesa Dems was held in a corner booth at Denny's -- we're officially on the Endangered Spieces List. For a Dem to win here, he or she (in the case of our fair governor) has to act like a Republican.

Kirk Dooley, Mesa, AZ