Friday, September 07, 2007


Lessee. I worked 16 hours on Tuesday, 18 on Wednesday and 19 on Thursday. Bad trend. Think I'll lock up early and head to the ball yard to watch the Mustangs' season end.

I did see two signs worth mentioning on delivery day:

1. "Military and war, 20% off"

At first, I found it immensely cheering that war had fallen so far into disfavor that it had be sold off at a discount. Then I realized the sign was for a bookstore.

2. "A Childs Place Early Learning Center"

How early should children learn to use apostrophes? Not until after they receive advanced degrees in education, apparently.

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moos said...

Uff da, David, I hope that your weekend was relaxing. I love the signs.

Your fellow apostrophe aficionado,