Monday, October 29, 2007

Free speech or free pizza

Numerous Montana bloggers have written about the Aaron Flint case at the University of Montana, particularly George Will's column on it. If you haven't kept up it, you can start here and follow the assorted links.

I may have missed a post or two, but I haven't seen that anyone has mentioned this analysis at the Volokh Conspiracy. As a guy who sells newspaper ads for a living (if you call this living), my sympathies lie with Will's position. But I have to admit that Volokh makes a pretty compelling case that he is wrong.

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Steve T. said...

I just haven't figured out why no one on the right is defending Flint for what he actually did.

He broke the rules once, thought they were bullshit, and broke them again intentionally for the express purpose of taking the University to Court. He took a stand for what he believed to be wrong.

Our dextra pals seem particularly averse to portraying it this way, however. They are much too eager to portray Flint as some kind of martyr at the hands of the behemoth that is our Liberal University. Those liberals always seem to pick on the little guy.

It's the height of intellectual dishonesty, if you ask me. They would do much better just portraying Flint for what he appears to be... a warrior for a cause - however wrongheaded that cause may be.