Monday, October 08, 2007

Strange words

Dave Budge links to an American Spectator post that makes it sound as if Democrats aim to use government power to go after conservative talk show hosts. But the wording of the linked post is a bit suspicious. It implies that Henry Waxman plans to make an FCC case against Rush Limbaugh, but it doesn't say that explicitly. Instead, it juxtaposes two factual assertions, leaving it to the reader to presume that they are related.

Using Limbaugh's own words against him is fine (although taxpayers should not have to pay for the research). Talking to the FCC chairman about the Fairness Doctrine is fine, too. Trying to bring federal pressure to silence Limbaugh and his ilk is not fine -- and it wasn't fine when Republicans did it against either. That dog should have been kept on its leash.

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6 Generations said...

A lot of dogs have been let off their leashes during this administration: politicizing of the Justice Department, increased power of the executive branch, political vetting of career posts, political editing of scientific publications, denial of habeas corpus to "enemy combatants"--whether foreign or American--use of torture, to name a few. Democracy, it seems, has become the bait dog.