Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to school

Got a call this morning from Dennis Unsworth, commissioner of political practice, to let me know that his office has accepted the formal complaint filed last week against Celebrate Billings by Janet Green.

If you read today's Gazette, you already know that. But it won't be in The Outpost this week. I was on the story early Tuesday but am back in school most of the day now and couldn't get back in time to get it nailed down before deadline. Dagnabit it.

The full class load started today: professional writing at Rocky, two German classes at MSU Billings and some part-time tutoring. So the blog is likely to go mostly fallow again for a while. To the extent that I have writing time, I need to devote it to the Outpost -- all the options are inadequate, but that is the best of a bad lot.

Side note to Greg Tuttle: I know you read this blog from time to time, so this is just to let you know that I have a number for Janet Green that you may not have. It apparently was added to the complaint after you got your copy.

Since the Montana Newspaper Association has refused to talk to me for years, I don't think the number will do me any good. It does seem to be a working number, but my call hasn't been returned. Of course, MNA probably won't talk to you either, but you are welcome to the number if you want to give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Of course, David, you being such a nice man and all, are you really that dumb to think that the MNA would respond to your rants? They seem like they're too busy getting international TV at their site to bother with local peons. Check out their Satellite stations and you will see that the MNA has left you in the dust, David.

David said...

Of course I didn't expect MNA to respond. They don't respond. But that doesn't mean I don't have to ask. You wouldn't understand; it's called journalism.

And if MNA is where journalism is going, then in the dust is where I would prefer to be.

Ed Kemmick said...

Anonymous sounds like he might be Donald Cyphers, or maybe Janet Green, bragging about their "international TV." The rest of us just call it the Internet, but whatever turns your crank.

Stacie A. said...

Wow, David predicts he will be dust. I guess out with the old in with the new. Outpost is considered even by your standards as OLD MEDIA. I once was a fan of yours but sorry to say must go with the NEW MEDIA. By the time your news is published it is already a week old. Sorry David, all my friends and I are jumping ship. MNA is the most hip thing now. Check out the TV stations they have.

michael said...

I have to agree with David on this one! IF MNA claims to be a "valid" news source then everyone either has their heads in the sand or they just do not know the meaning of REAL news coverage.

One only has to look at their stupid trucks & cars that they cruise around town in to know that they have NO validity as a news media outlet.

They would do well to draw alongside trash like the tabloids that one sees in the grocery store claiming to be a "real" news source. They are a joke and unfortunately they are NOT funny!!!

michael said...

Hey Stacie - How about leaving your real email address or your real name...probably to upfront huh?

David said...

"MNA is the most hip thing now."

Thanks. I needed a chuckle.