Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Eric Bibb

The Outpost sponsored a 2002 appearance by Eric Bibb at the Alberta Bair Theater. He's coming back on Jan. 23, and we are sponsoring the show again.

I was only mildly interested in sponsoring the show. We thought his first show was solid but not spectacular, and it evoked no overpowering desire to see him again. But Corby Skinner brought by Bibb's latest CD on Monday, and now I can't wait. I started playing the album on the way home from work late last night, and had to sit in the car and let it play for a while before I could get out and go in the house. I drove to work this morning listening: The same thing happened. Now I'm just back from driving to the bank. Same thing. He's got me hooked.

It's hard to say exactly why. He's got a driving basic blues guitar style, embroidered by world music influences. He brings in other instruments as needed, including a few other voices. All the songs are originals, except one, Dylan's "Buckets of Rain." It was Dylan, according to Bibb's Wikipedia entry, who told him when he was 11, "Keep it simple, forget all that fancy stuff."

He seems to have taken the advice to heart. The new album is full of simple ideas, simple themes, simple tunes, playing out in front of intricate guitar work. It is addictively listenable. I can't wait to see him.

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