Thursday, October 30, 2008

Citizen Wayne

A couple of people have pointed out this letter in the Gazette by former Publisher Wayne Schile. I'm glad they did: Somehow I had missed it.

Of course, I spent five of the same years at The Gazette that Wayne did and found "ultra liberals" in short supply. I did find a publisher who was willing to run over (or simply ignore) the editorial board every time it suited his GOP biases to do so.

The comments by "Orchy" are of particular interest:
Part of the reason our country is in the mess it is in is because of people like you: rich, power-mad thugs who made a fortune while the people who worked for you were paid barely a living wage. Perhaps the reason the media is so liberal is because most of the non-management people in the media / Gazette (at least in Montana) are the epitome of the "working poor". Go back to your yacht, Wayne, and remember that your opinion holds no more weight than anyone else's. Hard to take?

And this:
When you were The Gazette, your idea of "balance of power" was to get every single democrat out of office so that the republicans could do as they please. There was only one opinion at The Gazette...yours. You would not allow any of your employees to voice any opinion, on any subject, that didn't match yours.

A bit exaggerated, perhaps, but that makes it all the sweeter.


Jay larry Lundeen said...

But it's OK for the present-day Gazette to be consistently biased toward liberals?

Many of us rational humans had a good chuckle yesterday when a poll was released showing 86% of Americans found the print and electronic news media to have lost objectivity when reporting on politics. Which does not bode well for Team Obama: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS (with a few exceptions such as CNN's Lou Dobbs).

I have great faith in a new generation of journalists who will aggressively and fairly challenge all politicians.

There's overwhelming evidence that far too many people presently employed in the press are incurably progressive; 88% by a recent poll . . . and we all know how the media love those polls!

Anonymous said...

David, perhaps you recall the story better than I, but wasnt there a big controversy at the Gazette when Schile was Publisher regarding an endorsement of someone running against Conrad Burns? Maybe it was Schweitzer? Schile made the editorial board reverse the endorsement and the editor was fired?

David said...

I would like to see the source for your recent poll, please. "Incurably progressive" doesn't sound like a term a serious poll would use.

Anonymous 1048,
I don't have much direct knowledge of that incident, which occurred after I had left the Gazette. The most complete account I know of is at:

Chuck Rightmire said...

Jay, 83% of all statistics are made up on the spot and I suspect yours is one of them. If you think newspeople are progressive, that's a good sign; progress is what it's all about. The real reason that people think the news media is biased is because they are and they read and listen to see and hear their own biases thrown back at them. I'm always disappointed by news people who are not progressive because I think that they just haven't seen what they've been reporting on. In U.S. News and World Report, for instance, it doesn't seem as if the columnists have ever read the news pages; they seem to be off on some ideological cloud nine where opinion is fact. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, but if you can't bring facts to it, don't try to change my mind.