Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fox vs. Bullock

With my assorted jobs and duties, and my weird obsession with the presidential race, I admit I haven't followed Montana politics closely this year. But I noticed that Left in the West is speculating that Republican efforts to elect Tim Fox may be backfiring because his campaign has been so negative.

I can say for sure that Fox's negativity cost him one vote: mine. I can't listen to his ads and still believe that he is a serious person. There are consequences for negative campaigning, and one of them is losing my lonely vote.


Anonymous said...

Tim Fox's campaign isn't running any tv ads. The GOP is making an independent expenditure and that means it does not consult with the candidate about the expenditure in any way. Do you think Gary Branae liked the phone calls made "on his behalf?" Do you think he could stop them? No. Mr. Branae and Mr. Fox have run honorable campaigns and to hold them accountable for the misguided actions of overzealous supporters is unreasonable.

David said...

Anonymous 557,
Good point. I didn't realize until I read it in the Gazoo today that those ads weren't coming from Fox. And now it sounds like Bullock's ads haven't exactly been pristine either.

Good grief. Maybe I'll write in Joe Mazurek.