Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mystery posts

Over at Electric City Weblog, Rob Natelson makes a couple of mystery posts. One notes that the Obamas are sending their children to an exclusive private school. Why? "Because they care about their own kids enough to find them the best school — even if they don’t care enough about your kids to let you do the same."

What the? Guess I missed the speech where Obama said that people rich enough to afford it should not be allowed to send their kids to exclusive private schools. One of the commenters says that Sidwell costs $29,000 a year. So now Natelson, the small government guy, wants the government to come up with the money to send every American child to the equivalent of Sidwell? Bizarre.

Then he has a post explaining why he's glad newspapers are in trouble, a point he makes with a list of stories in Sunday's Missoulian that allegedly indicate liberal bias.

Just imagine: two stories, and a photo, about the guy who will become president on Tuesday (never would have happened if a Republican had been elected).

And a story about a medical marijuana bill. Wait a minute, I thought conservatives were supposed to be in favor of the individuals' right to make decisions about their own medical treatment. How'd that story slip in?

Then a story about a Martin Luther King Day Jr. celebration. So now conservatives hate civil rights, too?

And a story that "glorifies" conservation easements. No real conservative favors conservation.

A Mike Dennison column "pushing" more government health care. Read it for yourself: I don't see Dennison pushing much of anything.

An editorial praising Jon Tester -- praising a Democrat counts as liberal bias, I suppose. Except that Tester was praised for (1.) Working to help veterans (2.) Opposing banking and auto bailouts and (3.) Demanding openness in government. A conservative nightmare!

Editorial page references to George Bush's "hubris" and in favor of allowing homosexual marriage. And just imagine: Liberals in Missoula writing letters to the editor. There is no justice.

For this, newspapers should die? Couldn't bloggers be sacrificed instead?


Anonymous said...

The really, really sad part about the entire affair is that greg smith will allow NO real criticism of his hero natelson's posts. Funny how robby was given posting priviliges at smith's site just prior to the start of the legislature. Pretty much indicates that natelson is SO incompetent that he couldn't originate a blog of his own. Funny how the righties can dish it out but can't take it. Just like with rightwing talk shows, they have to screen out any critics! Guess that's why the country is done with their pathetic nonsense. Sad, so sad. They claim to be all FOR competition, but when it comes to competing ideas in a free-for-all forum, they simply gotta hide behind a modertor's apron strings! This is what rob nateslon does. If his ideas are so good, why doesn't HE compete in the big arena?? How bout it, robby boy? Up for a leetle competition yourself? I thought not.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Anonymous said...

As you know David - newspapers are a business -

If they irritate enough subscribers/advertisers or mismanage their revenue they won't make it -

As far as his holiness, his worship, the Messiah, protector of the poor, Barack Obama goes, the point Professor Natelson makes is that public schools are not good enough for his daughters, but they are good enough for ours -

Some of that I can understand though, given his celebrity status and the need to keep a protective bubble around his family -

And Larry - I have never heard you lecture, but I have heard Rob Natelson, and one-on-one I doubt you'd win a debate -

I'm pretty sure though that you could out-run him though in a foot race - especially from Red Lodge to the top-of-the world. - LOL

Kirk Dooley said...

The Obamas are sending their kids to a private school (the same school Chelsea Clinton and Amy Carter went to, BTW), because the Secret Service insisted on it. From a security point of view, it is a nightmare to put them in a public school (especially in D.C.).

Chuck Rightmire said...

First, why bother commenting on Natelson's whining? He is an embarrassment to the state of Montana and to the University of Montana Law School. Second: Back in the day of newspaper prosperity, one of the things that was important was that they irritated a lot of people, but they had to read us to know what was being saiid about them and what bodies they had to try to bury. Not so true any more.