Sunday, January 04, 2009

New year

From a news release, Jon Tester's new year's resolutions:

10. Pray for the success and safety of our troops.
9. Expand and improve Veterans Administration services in Montana and across America.
8. Reach out to Republicans and Democrats alike to work together for our nation.
7. Get tough on Wall Street with common sense regulations.
6. Continue to fight for open, accountable and ethical government.
5. Put Montana at the front of America’s quest for energy independence.
4. Check out the new White House basketball court and show Barack how we set a pick on Big Sandy hardwood.
3. Pass a jobs bill to put folks to work in Montana and across the country building infrastructure that grows our economy.
2. Attend the historic presidential inauguration and work for positive change for America.
1. Spend time with my grandkids in Montana.

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