Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday cat blogging

OK, I am not becoming a cat blogger. This simply announces the news that my wife and I have acquired a cat, courtesy of the animal shelter, named Isis.

Seems like a perfectly acceptable cat so far. A bit shy, but not spooked. Reasonably friendly, but not pushy. Took her about five minutes to find the exact spot on top of the couch where my daughter's cat liked to hang out and where I would hang out if I could fit there.

It has been a pretty long time between animals for us. My wife's allergic to cats. I object to dogs (not my fault: my father was a mailman -- the dog's natural enemy -- for 44 years, and I inherited it from him). So we compromised. Well, she caved. But a cat it is.


Chuck Rightmire said...

Borrowed from a woman's black pullover shirt: No outfit is complete without cat hair.

Dave said...

"There are many intelligent species in the Universe. They are all owned by cats."

Congrats on your new owner :-)