Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lucky break

Whew. It's a good thing that all that global warming talk is just a hoax.


Anonymous said...

Washington Post is part of the conspiracy, fool.

Anonymous said...

It probably is - according to about half of the climatologists out there - you can google up thousands of links, and here's just one David -

David said...

Eric, There is a big difference between pointing out uncertainties in the data, as the article you cite does, and making a case that we are dealing with a hoax.

Anonymous said...

I know that - and I think that it wouldn't be a big discussion but for the fact that some of the wacko's elevated the whole man-made climate change theory into a religion, fueled by Al Gore's movie -

I have been reading about upcoming climate catastrophes since I was about 10 - if you remember, they thought we were headed for an ice age -

I don't think religion is too strong of a word either, judging by the fervor of the global warming crowd - do you?

David said...

Of course religion is too strong a word. Believing in global warming does not tell you how to achieve salvation or how to live a spiritually sound life. I suspect that about 90 percent of global warming adherents would give up the belief in an instant if persuasive scientific evidence surfaced to the contrary. It's just nonsense to pretend it is a religion.

Dan said... is not a posting from a climatologist. Transtronics is an Industrial Control supplier. There is a good critique of the xtronics global warming page at