Monday, May 11, 2009

Going Kindle

Tyler Gernant, the Democrat running for Denny Rehberg's seat, says that his campaign is the first in the nation that allows visitors to his site to download "policy packets" to Kindle.

Packets will cost users 99 cents, with all of the receipts going toward a tree-planting campaign.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tyler! I bought a Kindle recently and love the medium. Good luck with your campaign.

Billings Dem

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I'm smelling an empty gesture disguised as a humanitarian one! Tyler you're going to get around 35% of that 99 many trees are you planning on planting with that wad of cold hard cash? Let's say 10000 people buy your blog...probably a generous number. That gives you $3500 dollars in reciepts. Wow, where are you going to plant the forest you can buy with that money? Seems to me this is nothing but an attempt to look like you want to make a difference without actually making one. Way to plant some cynicism in my heart, along with that bush your going to be able to afford.