Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday talk radio update

As noted here and elsewhere, there has been whining all week by Hannity, Beck and their ilk about Wanda Sykes making fun of Rush Limbaugh, and quite a bit of criticism of Obama for appearing to find it funny.

But this is clearly a case where the pot should do a color check before making observations about the kettle. I just got through two hours of Limbaugh (minus bouncing in an out of the car making delivery stops) and jotted down a list of points he made, approximately in order:

-- He made fun of how Nancy Pelosi blinks.

-- He referred to Obama as "The Messiah" (twice).

-- He accused Obama of saying during the campaign that "terrorists are good guys."

-- He said that Obama's base is "anti-American."

-- He compared Obama unfavorably to Hugo Chavez.

-- He accused Obama of "creeping socialism."

-- He referred (twice) to Obama's inauguration as his "immaculation."

-- He said that Obama "denies God."

-- He said that Obama believes that American soldiers "rape and murder."

-- He accused Obama of having said that every successful American is corrupted.

-- He summarized an Obama commencement address to Arizona graduates with two words: "America sucks."

And Obama is supposed to apologize for chuckling at the suggestion that Limbaugh might have kidney failure? Obama should instead get some sort of medal for restraint for not rolling on the floor guffawing.


Ken & Carol said...

I suspect Limbaugh will be very glad you listened to his program and made careful notes. This is what passes for political argument these days. I would probably score it a draw.

Anonymous said...

I refer to His Worship, His Holiness, The Protector of the Poor, President Obama as the Messiah everyday - is the usage incorrect?

Sean Hannity has the best term to describe Obamamania. And he defines it as the feeling of euphoria and omnipotent ecstasy at the very sight of Obama and the belief that he can solve the world's problems.

Look at what he's done (Obama) -

His 'Change we can Believe In' turned out to be taking over the automakers, giving them billions of dollars because he told us bankruptcy would be 'catastrophic' to the country, then after he fires the CEO of GM he points them towards bankruptcy right along with Chrysler.

He continued the takeover of the insurance giants from the Bush Administration, is in the process of nationalizing the banks, and scared investors into pulling their money out of the stock market, causing the nations retirement accounts to plummet, jobs to be lost, and the economy to tank.

The criticism of Obama you outlined is 100% justified.

Chuck Rightmire said...

Erik: I suspect Gush Slimebaugh would fade away if he ever discussed facts instead of slogans and used reason rather than slogans. Even you should be able to see the mess your programs left us in.