Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gift to rioters?

Ed Kemmick aptly opines that the decision in Austria to send a historian to prison for denying the Halocaust is a gift to rioters angry about Danish caricatures of Mohammad.

This country will give rioters an even bigger gift if it ever passes a flag-burning amendment. I wouldn't want to have to explain to a devout Muslim why protecting a purely secular symbol from desecration is so important that we had to amend the Constitution to protect it, but religious figures are fair game.


Jones said...

Kemmick has had at least a half dozen posts in the last few weeks warning him that this would happen. He deleted all those posts. Now he's pretending he's just discovered this issue.

Mark T said...

Wasn't the halocaust that massacre of angels in Revelation?

Burning the flag is political speech - allowing flag burning makes a profound statement - it says we really believe in freedom of speech.

I've heard the lies about WMD's and yellow cake used to justify naked aggression, the latest photos from Abu Ghraib, Lancet's tallying of the body count ... we're doing our Vietnam routine all over again, spraying corpses all over the countryside while spouting patriotic bullshit ... I've got my torch and gasoline at the ready.

A word of warning though - flags are not made of cotton - they leave a plastic residue that causes severe burns when it comes in contact with your skin. Put the flag on the pavement when you are buring it, and stand back so that you are not injured in the process.

Jimmy said...

Mark T.—

Grow up. Naked aggression is fun. Especially if white girls are involved.

Mark T said...

OK, Jimmy. I'm going to have a conversation with you. Your comment was both shallow and stupid - so much so that I think you intended it that way, and that you are really making a nuanced statement about the quality of debate in most blogs. You're elegant and poetic in your ability to put the far right in its place. Kudos.

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