Sunday, August 20, 2006

Not smart

This strikes me as a major screwup by the Tester campaign (thanks, as usual, to Jackie Corr).


Anonymous said...

David, it wasn't an accident. I know you are impressed with Tester as a person, but like most other Democrat politicians he is as ambiguous as possible, and absolutely does not want the public to know how liberal he is.

Have you seen any ads where Tester brags about all the taxes he's voted to raise?

Do you see him posing for pictures with NARAL, from when he was celebrating the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade this January?

Do you see him on a poster reminding us that he got an A+ rating from gay rights groups?

No,No, and No.

Ed Kemmick said...

I read the Trib editorial in East Glacier this morning and thought the same thing. What a ridiculous excuse for failing to respond to a perfectly legitimate questionnaire. And Matt McKenna's inane remarks are more evidence that he is as snarky as any of the characters working for Burns. Why do politicians almost always surround themselves with these kinds of people?

Gman said...

Not to defend Tester or any other candidate, but they are inundated with questionnaires from interest groups and the like.

David said...

True enough, but a lot of those questionnaires are from groups pushing a specific agenda and they manipulate the questions to get the results they want. Project Vote Smart is very different -- and very local. Every Montana politician should take part.