Friday, August 11, 2006

Rack Wars revisited

The latest on the ongoing battle for rack space in Montana is in this week's Outpost. Be sure to read the first reader comment at the bottom (he says, self-servingly).

A few hours after the column came out, I got a phone call from Billings Gazette Publisher Mike Gulledge. I was delivering papers all day, so we haven't connected yet, and I've had time to think about what he might want. I don't get many calls from the Gazette publisher, so I've narrowed it to a few possibilities.

1. He wants to buy a subscription, or perhaps the entire paper.

2. He wants to offer me a job.

3. He wants to congratulate me on another fine issue of The Outpost and wish me continued success in future journalistic endeavors.

4. He wants to offer to join in solidarity in our mutual fight against the evil predator Gannett.

5. He has a complaint about my column.

After thinking it over, I've concluded that 1 through 4 aren't too likely. So I'm expecting 5. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Your article was very accurate. Wish there was a way to let folks know the other really bad stuff Gannett does on top of this. You probably already know this, but lee spelled backwards is eel. Good luck with the contact.

Mark T said...

Businesses love free markets to the exact degree they have protection from them.

Notice how the Gazette bristles at even minimum exposure to competition?

Anonymous said...

So what did he say?