Monday, March 10, 2008

Boing for the governor

Gov. Brian Schweitzer gets rave reviews from the Boingboing crowd (h/t my daughter Rachel).


Anonymous said...

"GO TO HELL"! Luv it. Give'em hell, Brian! But I have a better idea. Hell, Montana is a small enough state, and Schweitzer KNOWS damn near everybody here! So, instead of cavity searching every Montanan trying to board a plane, just have the guv VOUCH for them! No, seriously, stay with me on this for a moment. You see, if "security" has a question about a person boarding, have them call Schweitzer. If he doesn't know them personally, he will ascertain where they're from, and then ask them if they know so and so from the same town! If they do, THEY'RE LEGIT! It's a MUCH better system the Phony ID! "Sides, Montanans aren't partial to cavity searches!

And one more thing, this next ten months are going to be REAL interesting. I personally think that the bush/cheney crime family will NOT go gentle into that good night. I see lots of false flag operations on the horizon designed to keep people very afraid. Hell, they've already started! Homes burnt in Seattle, bomd at the military recruiters office in Timed Square. I forsee a day when the bush/cheney crime family will declare martial law and the "temporary" delay of elections. And maybe even the confiscation of guns for our "own" saftey. I would like to see ONE guv say HELL NO!, we don't NEED no martial law in our state. We'll handle it ourselves! And we'll keep our guns thank you very much!

Some people might call this alarmist, but I call it a very real possibilty based upon everythng ELSE these criminals have pulled!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Ranges!

Vince said...

Larry might be on to something. I wouldn't worry about flying on a plane with any Montanan, as long as they weren't from Lincoln or Jordan.