Monday, March 17, 2008

Rush for Clinton

I have been glancing through the evidence that Rush Limbaugh delivered Texas (h/t Jackie Corr) for Hillary Clinton, and it seems inconclusive to me. Either way, it is stupid, unfair, self-defeating and at least vaguely un-American to vote for a candidate you don't want in a party to which you do not belong for the sole purpose of giving voters worse choices at the polls in November.

I'm not sure I could vote for John McCain for president, but I thought he was the best of the Republican pack, and I am glad he got the nomination. Both parties should have the best possible candidate on the ballot in the fall, and shenanigans aimed at keeping that from happening ought to be beneath a great democracy.


Mark T said...

Noble sentiments. Now, back to reality.

Anonymous said...

Democracy? Too funny. The fat boy is what passes for democracy among the Repubies! He is one of their greatest heroes. He is one of their greatest voices. He is their moral conscience. But a cursory look at his life shows that he is as phony as his beliefs.

Flush couldn't even make it through one year of college. He dropped out after nine months. He has never had a real job in his life. After dropping out, he went to work for his daddy's radio station. While the others of his generation were going off to fight in Vietnam, Flush sat it out at home with a cyst on his ass! WHAT A PATRIOT! Flushy has been married THREE TIMES (maybe more by now, I dunno). He met his third wifey over the internet. Flushy has been convicted of drug charges. And he's even rumored to like boys! You get the picture.

And THIS is what passes for a moral patriot in the Repubie party! A fatarsed, draft-dodgin', uneducated, three time loser who's never had a real job in his life and possibly bats for the other side!

He's a real Repubie American hero! He's JUST the fella to lecture the country on patriotism, family values, and morals! Makes sense to me!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Anonymous said...

How anyone can be a watcher of politics and not know that crossing over was almost invented by the Democrats hasn't been paying attention or are using some selective recall. I remember when I first learned about the tactic and I felt as outraged as you. But it was Democrats crossing over and doing it to the Republicans in one of their races in Montana. It's been so long ago I don't remember which race, but I do know that I have heard about it ever since as almost a common practice -- and I've heard about it most often from the Democrats themselves. I've heard it discussed as a common practice and phenomenon among data keepers like the Craig guy at MSU-B -- I think that may surely have been part of the reason for the Republican caucus and if if you don't think it makes a difference on outcomes, just imagine what the difference would have been had they had the opportunity to cross over this time. I would suspect very much McCain would be at the fore -- just exactly like the Democrats would like.

David said...

Anonymous 712,
Whether it's Democrats doing it to Republicans or Republicans doing it to Democrats, it still stinks.

Charlie said...

anonymous, re-read your comments and put Bill Clinton's name in it. Hmm, your right on the money, except insert girlfriends instead of wives. By the way, B. Hussain O. and Hillary are advertising in Pa for Repubs to cross over and vote for them...I just thought I'd point that out. Also, it appears that the Tx vote was not swayed by crossover voting.