Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coulter and Hannity

This week's talk radio highlight: Sean Hannity was still pounding on Jeremiah Wright, arguing, if that's the right word, that Barack Obama should have disassociated himself from Wright 10 years ago. That is something that he himself has had to do, Hannity said, when people have made extreme statements.

Oh, yeah? Consider just one case. The worst thing that I believe I have ever heard a human being say was what Ann Coulter said about certain 9-11 widows. The comments are not only outrageous in themselves, but they directly violate Jesus' command to show compassion and care for widows and orphans. So far as I know, both Hannity and Coulter claim to be Christians.

Yet Hannity has not repudiated Coulter's remarks. He has not disassociated himself from her. He continues to feature her on her show, and he has even defended what she said.

His usual response to similar lines of inquiry is to point out that he isn't running for president. Fair enough. So let's put it this way: Is anyone who has done what Sean Hannity has done fit to serve as president?

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