Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Laugh time

We often get obituaries that say the deceased had a great sense of humor. But they rarely provide any evidence, which makes me skeptical. But an obituary I am editing now for Ernestine Jarussi Cameron, 94, delivers:

After a superintendent at Roscoe suggested that she and students clear rocks from the schoolyard, they worked with crowbars, shovels and bare hands. When someone observed, “At least they hadn’t hired a lazy teacher,” she replied, “No, just a dumb one.”

At a family reunion in 2007, commemorating 100 years in Red Lodge, a nephew knelt to greet her in her wheelchair and said, “Hi, Ernie, it’s me. Here, let me take my sunglasses off.” She looked at him and responded: “Put them back on!”

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