Friday, April 04, 2008

Wild dreams

I'm not usually a vivid dreamer, or at least I don't usually recall vivid dreams. In recent days, I've had three intense dreams that I remember clearly, which usually has happened in the past in times of personal change or uncertainty. So far as I know, nothing like that is going on now, but perhaps my subconscious knows something that the rest of me hasn't figured out yet.

In the first dream, I suddenly found myself recruited into a part in a Venture Theatre production. In the second, a volcano threatened Yellowstone County. In the third, last night, my wife and I were taking in dinner and a show -- the menu was the size and shape of a pocket dictionary -- in an expensive London restaurant when Ed Kemmick showed up in drag. According to a Gazette story that also cropped up in the dream, he was doing undercover work on a big story involving, apparently, corruption in expensive London restaurants. My first words to him, I recall, were, "Did you lose a bet?"

So how did Ed Kemmick look in drag? Trust me, you'd rather see the volcano.


Ed Kemmick said...

I am Ed Kemmick and I did not approve of this dream.

I'm worried about what will happen when Don Mellon learns I appeared in your dream in drag.

David said...

I suspect that Mellon's response will be rude, irrelevant, foolish and anonymous. Does that exhaust the range of possibilities?