Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Molnar vs. Tussing update

This is pretty rich. I reported in July that Public Service Commissioner Brad Molnar had complained to challenger Ron Tussing that Mary Jo Fox of Tussing's campaign had sent a debate proposal to Molnar's government address. "This is against the law," Molnar said, arguing that it amounted to campaigning on the government's dime.

Tussing just dropped off a copy of Molnar's latest fund-raising letter. The letter's contact information includes Molnar's government e-mail address and his government phone number.

Careful, Brad.


Dave said...

Didn't Brad post a story a few Christmas' ago, where he tried to compete in the tree-selling game, failed, and ultimately ended up throwing trees into the yards of homes?

Anonymous said...

BTW, does anyone know if the state AFL-CIO has made an endorsement yet in this race? I've heard that there's some union support for Brad Molnar. What gives?

Anonymous said...

The Executive Board of the AFL-CIO is expected to make a decision about an endorsement in this race and others in September. the COPE committee of the AFL-CIO recommended endorsing Tussing several months. The E B should do the same.

James said...

I'm surprised you let Tussing (Public Enemy Number One in Yellowstone County) in your door.