Friday, August 08, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

Deep in the dog days, nobody seemed to be in the mood for a fight. Dave Rye told a caller with whom he disagreed that he didn't even want to argue. O'Reilly was so tepid that I scarcely remember a thing he said.

Even Hannity seemed off his game. Rather than drum up the anti-Obama hatred, he focused more on recent polls showing the race is tightening and tried to imply that it's really all over; the Obama threat has ended. He pretended he was angry about this, but he sounded half-hearted about it. Perhaps he was hoping that nobody remembered polls like this one.

The only time Hannity seemed to get really annoyed was when he mentioned Obama's remarks about Republicans being proud of their ignorance. It must have hurt because it hit so close to home. Naturally, that didn't stop Hannity from continuing to misrepresent the situation. He kept pretending that Obama's energy plan consists solely of tire gauges, an obvious and deliberate lie.

I would hate to peer into the nightmare of Hannity's soul.

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Ed Kemmick said...

No need to worry. I hear he sold it to the devil for 15 bucks.