Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thursday talk radio update

This seems like ancient history now, from the pre-Palin era, but perhaps worth noting. Sean Hannity on Thursday was all over Barack Obama's acceptance speech, which hadn't occurred yet. Since Hannity couldn't attack the content yet, he had to attack the setting instead. He made numerous references to Greek columns, and Obama descending from on high, and repeatedly referred to Obama as "Apollo." It even seemed to bother him that a lot of people would be able to see the speech, although why that could possibly be a bad thing was unfathomable to me.

What the hell do Republicans have against Greek columns? The founding fathers loved the Greeks, who, of course, created democracy and a great deal of our whole conception of what it means to be a reasoning, involved body of citizens. But I guess if you still believe that Ronald Reagan created the heavens and earth on Election Day in 1980, you might think the Greeks were some kind of elitist, weird foreigners.

And why Apollo? Maybe Hannity was referring to Apollo Creed, another flashy black man who tries to disguise himself by dressing up like George Washington and Uncle Sam but who comes to grief when he has to fight an authentic American. Well, probably not. Hannity isn't that subtle.

But if McCain's campaign handlers start making "Apollo" references, you can be sure they thought about Apollo Creed.

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Chuck Rightmire said...

One of the other things that started with the election of the sainted Ronald Reagan in 1980 was the decline in saving rates that has hit a minus figure in the U.S. this year.