Saturday, April 04, 2009

Gay marriage

The Montana Family Foundation, headed by Jeff Laszloffy of Laurel, takes exception to the Iowa Supreme Court ruling permitting gay marriage. In a news release, Laszloffy wrote: "An issue as large as the redefinition of marriage properly belongs to the people. In Montana, we believe marriage should be defined by folks who wear blue jeans not those who wear black robes."

Defining words isn't normally the work of folks in blue jeans, but never mind. More interestingly, Laszloffy says the decision proves the wisdom of Montana's Constitutional Initiative 96, under which Montanans (in blue jeans and otherwise) limited marriage to a man and a woman.

"We were concerned the Montana courts would toss out Montana's [Defense of Marriage Act] and mandate same-sex marriage in our state," he wrote.

When folks in black robes start mandating same-sex marriage, then I will join the revolution. But so far, judges haven't mandated marriage for anybody. They have said only that people are free to do as they please so long as governments are unable to demonstrate a compelling state interest in stopping them. Smells like freedom to me.

To Rob Natelson, however, the ruling smells like politics.


Anonymous said...

What if I want to wake up in the morning, decide what sex I am, and decide I love the neighbors goat?

I should be able to marry the goat too, right?

Where does the line get drawn?

I hope the voters in Iowa put their own version of proposition 8 on their next ballot.

David said...

Only if the goat and the neighbor give their consent.

Dave said...

Stuff like this always seems pretty simple to me: just reverse the situation, and see how "fair" it is.
If gay people were in the majority, and wanted to pass a law limiting marriage to people of the same sex, would THAT be fair?
It's a pretty basic concept that too many people have trouble with -- if you want YOUR freedom and rights to be respected, you have to respect those of others.

Anonymous said...

I just had a vision or Eric and a goat entangled in the throes of passion while sliding down a slippery slope.


Jason said...

How much of a dowry did Mrs. Laszloffy bring?

I mean, since we're defending "traditional marriage" and all that.