Sunday, April 12, 2009

Socialists abound

John Young sends along the above photo of Socialist Hall in Butte with this note: "In light of all the Socialists reported in Congress, here's where they hang out."

And Marvin Granger sends a reminder that there are things worse than socialism:
The word "socialism" has been floating around the U.S. commentariat lately. To keep this in perspective, read this quote from a New York Herald editorial, September 19, 1860:

"Socialism in its worst form, including the most advanced theories of women's rights, the division of land, free love and the exaltation of the desires of the individual over the rights of the family, and the forced equality of all men...are part of the logical chain of ideas that flow from the anti-slavery theory."

-Michael Burlingame, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A Life, Vol. 1, pp 414-415


Ken & Carol said...

Are you sure they can all fit in there? I thought we were all Socialists now?

Kirk Dooley said...

It is worth remembering that for several years in the early part of the last century, the Socialists were very big in Butte (partly because of the Miners' unions and the Wobblies), and that the city had a Socialist mayor for several years. (Of course, they all died and became Democrats. ;-) )