Friday, December 19, 2003

Now it's Brian Schweitzer firing off cannons. In a news release, he admonishes the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad to "start acting like a partner not a lord."
"The cozy relations between Montana political leaders and the railroad have led BNSF to think they can gouge Montana farmers," the release says. "Recent news reports state that former Governor Marc Racicot has been paid huge payments and received 4,400 shares in BNSF stock options as a board member of BNSF and Governor Martz received a $50,000 boost from BNSF when they paid for political ads attacking her opponent in her gubernatorial bid."
Calling BNSF one of the worst examples of consumer gouging he has encountered, Schweitzer says, "Montana is not a colony to be exploited by the puppet masters at BNSF headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas."
Wanna bet?

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