Saturday, December 06, 2003

This is a couple of days late, but I haven't seen it elsewhere: Gubernatorial candidate Pat Davison has written a letter to opponent and Secretary of State Bob Brown criticizing him for running TV ads that he says blur the line between political ads and public service announcements.

"I am requesting that you immediately terminate the use of taxpayer dollars for advertising promoting you and your candidacy for Governor and that you reimburse the taxpayers from your campaign for the funds that have already been spent on this advertising campaign," Davison wrote.

Anybody seen the ads? I haven't, but apparently they are about provisions of the Help America Vote Act. A similar ad ran in newspapers statewide, including the Outpost. According to Davison, Brown is spending $24,000 in state money on the ads, including $10,000 at KTVQ in Billings.

Provisions of the new act include a requirement that voters identify themselves at the polls. That's probably all Brown intended to do in the ads: Show us his I.D.

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