Saturday, December 20, 2003

Outpost staffer Jim Larson sends a link to this story, which poses the question: "How much of what left and right think about each other is real, and to what extent are they railing against, and defending, Platonic ideals -- ideals so far removed from reality that they have ceased to be useful?"
His answer is a bit too reasonable for my tastes: He argues that the red and blue states aren't as different as politicos would have us believe. I prefer an iffier proposition: That conservatives and liberals have long since met in the middle and are now charging past each other in opposite directions. Thus we have conservatives who favor increased spending (as long as its for the military, energy companies and timber interests), huge budget deficits, preemptive wars and social engineering, which liberals rail about deficits, federal overreaching into private and state concerns and keeping the troops at home.

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