Saturday, May 07, 2005

Going to court

Maybe I don't understand the issue, but it sure seems to me that Schweitzer is wrong, wrong, wrong on this one.

Even if turns out that he's right on the constitutional question, what makes this a fight worth having?


Anonymous said...

Ya know, it seems just a leetle strange that the Pubies have their knickers in a knot bout just where the big, bad government spends its money. But HEY, I would like to know where the hell are all the J-O-B-S that these bozos promised were going to be created when they gave FIVE HUNDRED MILLION IN TAX BREAKS to the outta state corporations! That's probly where the RePubes should start! How bout a cost benefit analysis of all the money that WE (yes WE) funded to the corpos! But in any event, the courts will decide. So the girliemen don't need to go gettin' apoplectic on us yet! But girliemen being what they are, straw men make the best fellas to beat UP on!!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Anonymous said...

P.S. And it appears that the best weapon to use on a straw man is a red herring! Right, mr. brown!

Anonymous said...

On March 16, the legislators own lawyer, Greg Petich advised the legislators that the demands in HB 2 were "unconstitutional".. Schweitzer agrees with their lawyer. The legislatures lawyer claims the restictions in HB 2 will be found invalid in a court decision. Schweitzer says we do not lawyers and courts to do what his line item vetoe does. His responsibility, his duty.

Anonymous said...

This is an old Natalsonian trick from the nutty perfesser, Robby Nasalsound. It goes like this. Introduce something that is obviously, blatantly unconstitutional, and then when you lose, WHINE FOR ALL YOUR WORTH! Bobby perfected this technique. Hopefully, the newspapers will see this for what it is and give the girliemen hell once again. How long will Montana put UP with the crap!? That is the question!