Saturday, June 17, 2006

Burns and the flag

At a Flag Day news conference in Washington, D.C., U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns noted that "countless millions of American military personnel" have served under the U.S. flag.

"It is simply an insult to these brave Americans that the sacrifices they have made in the name of liberty under the American flag are diminished by people who would burn, trample, or otherwise willfully desecrate our flag," he said.

As a veteran myself, I have two questions:

1. Exactly how is my service diminished by lowlife jerks who burn the flag?

2. Where does a U.S. senator get off deciding on my behalf what insults me?

Sure, I'll support your flag-burning amendment. Just as soon as we pass an amendment prohibiting politicians from invoking veterans every time they want to enact some ill-conceived, bullet-headed attack on the Constitution.

If we're going to muck around with the First Amendment, then let's not waste time banning something that hardly anybody wants to do in the first place. Let's impose a ban that will enhance domestic tranquility and enrich the national civic debate. And punish violators with some sort of painful and lingering death.


Mark T said...

He's pandering, using hot button issues to distract voters from his record and real issues. A gnarly and contentious press would not let him get away with this.

Chuck Rightmire said...


Jim Taylor said...

My own feeling is that there are very few issues that require messing around with our Constitution. Flag Burning is not one of them.

Bowen said...

Well, David, I have bad news. It's that whole "representative democracy" foolishness. Someone told Conrad it was actually his job to try and figure out what offends his constituents. Dang that system anyways! Me, I'd be happier if Members of Congress weren't trusted to collect a paycheck, let alone speak for me. But this is the system we're stuck with.

DMerriman said...

Smart-Ass(tm) alternative solution: an Amendment requiring all U.S. flags be made out of a flame-retardant material.

David said...

Bowen, Maybe so, but he also ought to spend a little time trying to figure out what the Constitution says, and why it says it.

Dennis Gaub said...


Long time no talk. Good to see you here.

As to what offends one of Conrad's constituents, I'll tell you what: a ballooning national debt that will result in my kids and grandkids getting a bill for trillions of dollars, payable to any number of fine foreign governments. Can't say as I'm losing any sleep over a non-issue like flag-burning.

Anonymous said...

Every Elks Lodge is required by the Grand Lodge to hold a flag ceremony on Flag Day.

Accroding to last months newlsetter from Billings ELks Lodge #394, Conrad "Old GLory" Burns has not bothered to pay his $92.00 annual dues from last year and is schduled to be dropped form the roles for non-payment of dues.

Anonymous said...

Here we sit as a nation with an annual deficit of $3,000,000,000+ and a national debt approaching $9 trillion and Conrad is worried about burning the flag. Likewise, I think rodeo riders with shirts made of the "flag pattern" could arguably be showing disrespect, but its no problem for Conrad. I guess I am slow on the uptake.

Anonymous said...

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wow... what demented news!
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