Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The real terrorists

From today's letters to the editor in the Gazette:

"The United States of America is being taken over by terrorists. And it is not Iraq, Iran or foreigners. It is called extreme environmentalists. They have the state of Montana and Washington, D.C., on their knees. And we all better wake up and smell the coffee.

"The only thing that's in danger of extinction is common sense!

John O. Morris

And in parts of Otter, common sense has disappeared altogether.


Pete Hansen said...

Well! Since the subject is "terrorists" which should include those of any stripe whether called "insurgents" or not, after today's news of the finding of the "tortured" bodies of our two Servicemen, I can hardly wait for the expressions of "outrage" by such constantly outraged organizations like Amnesty International and the American Red Cross. Both of whom instantly express their "outrage" over any "outragious" actions by our troops. Of course, I won't offer to hold my breath since by the time that happens, I'd be a dark shade of blue.

touchstone said...

I thought this letter was hilarious! And I had just recently complained how uncontroversial Gazette letters were...

James J. Larson said...

On Sunday night 60 Minutes aired a piece on ecoterroism. $100 million worth of damage so far with increasingly aggressive tactics being implemented. A spokesman for ELF(Earth Liberation Front) stated that killing humans would be the next logical and justifiable step.

While you question "common sense" in someone bringing this topic up, most of us view it as common knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Methinks that mr. morris should pronounce his last name as "more ass" to correspond to his opinions! For he definitely seems to use his ass more than his brain to do his "thinking"!

A radical enviro.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the gentleman would enjoy paying to see the Berkley Pit. Better yet, maybe he'd enjoy taking an excursion voyage around the lake in a rubber raft. ;=)

I'm no fan of the Earth Libertation Front, nor of the "monkey wrench" tactics espoused by the Earth First! gang (these folks have read far too many Edward Abbey novels). But this "gentleman" (and I use that term loosely) would also toss in the Sierra Club and the Northern Plains Resource Council (I just can't see Wally McRae as a "terrist") in with al Quaida.

Kirk Dooley, Mesa, AZ (where the air is not only polluted by 2 million automobiles -- it's also hotter than Hades)