Friday, June 23, 2006

Comments up

Comments are back, sort of. I still can't get to them on my computer, but I am able to get them from another computer. So post away.


Anonymous said...

In regards to the terrorist blog comment, I am waiting, and not patiently, to see how long it takes Amnesty Internation or, The American Red Cross to make public their "expressions of outrage about our two troops who were tortured and murdered in Iraq by terrorists, called "insurgents" by a respectful media. Of course, these anit American groups make such pronouncements almost immediately when Americans are accused of abuses, murders, unfainess or using nasty words etc,. Ever notice that? However, I refuse to hold my breath until such pronouncments are made since I am reluctant to turn blue!

Anonymous said...

It's nice that the comments are back up. Too bad you can't get The Outpost itself, though (every time I've tried to access it, I get a nasty screen saying "Access Denied" -- not sure what I might have said to become personna non grata).

Kirk Dooley, Mesa AZ (which is not on fire, by the way)

Steve t. said...

Pete - I'm pretty sure Amnesty International and the American Red Cross don't get up in arms about atrocities committed by American Troops towards "Insurgents." Their concern is with atrocities committed against Civilians.

I know you'd like to believe that all Arabs are Terrorists or "Insurgents," but there are actually innocent civilians out there.

Haditha, for instance, was an act of Terrorism committed by *gasp!* American troops.

My point is not that all troops are bad (although I have a sneaking suspicion that you may read it that way...). My point is that your definition of terrorism seems only to include A-rabs. It seems that according to you, all A-rabs are also terrorists.

Forgive my ramblings, this is the worst kind of ignorance in my book. Perhaps my next response will be more coherent.

Anonymous said...

Tee Hee! Commenter numero uno (Oops! he probly HATES it when someone uses another language!), any who, regarding mr. uno, or zero depending on one's opinion, just WHY isn't mr. braveheart in Eyerak?! Methinks he enjoys OTHERS doin' his dyin' for him so that he can feel like a hero!! I'll bet ya good money that he's even impersonated real war heroes at one time or another in his life. His kind are just SOOOO brave! Right, uno?? Worn a medal or two that you didn't earn?? Impressed the bar crowd a time or two with your personal "war" stories?? Yep. I've seen you type before. All dick and no nuts!

Pete Hansen said...

Steve t:

I'd be happy to consider your remarks if you can refer me to any public expression of "outrage" by Amnesty International (AI) after 9/11. Or, are our civilians to be considered "troops" too? As to your assertions that I have a bias against Arabs, I resent that! I also don't recall any recent AI expressions of outrage against the so called insurgents when they kill many of their own kind with bombs, rocket and suicide bombers. Are these not atrocities? And, what other name would you call the orchestrators of 9/11? Allow them the rather dignified name of "Insurgents" rather than "Terrorists? What are they called when they kill their own civilian population because they are of a different religion? Hmmm?Maybe Crusaders? Further, unlike you, I ask no forgivness for my ramblings. And, unlike you, refuse to resort to name calling while hiding behind an unidentifiable name!

Steve T. said...

Pete: First-

You will see quickly that they have other things to do besides being another front for Al Qaeda.


There are your little snippets. That's all I care to find for you, you can do plenty more research yourself. And NO, listening to Bill O'Reilly and Rush tell you what these organizations are does NOT qualify as research.

I never suggested that those who perpetrated 9/11 are anything other than terrorists. That is such a wicked distortion of my words that I will go ahead and just call you a liar. Try not to do that again.

Those who kill innocent civilians for the purpose of instilling fear in a populace are terrorists. Therefore, insurgents who kill civilians can also be labeled terrorists, and so can American troops who kill civilians for the same purpose. Equal treatment. Once again, I feel the need for a disclaimer: All American troops are not terrorists. Don't even think of trying that road.

To say that those who attack our troops are automatically involved in incidents of terror against civilians assumes that the insurgency is organized in a manner where all facets are working together and using the same methods. Sounds like ignorance to me.

As for me using an unidentifiable name, I have relatives who bear the same name who may not appreciate their name being posted all over the internet. If you really care to know, give me your e-mail address and I'll give you my name. Of course I'm such a coward I'm trembling at the thought.

Anonymous said...

Bush IS a terrorist! The world's biggest! If you want to place blame for American terrorism, let's put it squarely where it belongs. With bush and the morons who support him!

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

carter said...

makes a good case why tester should be in, and burns out, regardless of political party affilitation. if you agree, please share it. if disagree, oh well.