Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bad for bidness?

From Webb Brown, president of the Montana Chamber of Commerce, comes this post-legislative session observation: "Jon Bennion, Government Relations Director of the Montana Chamber said the vicious attitude toward business expressed throughout the Sessions was a shock. How can we possibly consider ourselves truly open for business with the constant haranguing of business that we heard?"

I didn't cover the session at all and didn't follow it closely through the news. But I can't recall hearing much business bashing. Does he have a point?


Shane C. Mason said...

Let's see, considering that lobbyist from Northwestern energy actually drafted our energy policy, I don't think that this is a valid claim.

Jim Larson said...

Perhaps Mr. Bennion would provide us with some evidence for his assertion.

Montucky Liberal said...

From what I can tell, the business lobby is constantly fretting about an "anti-business" atmosphere.

Some bills they don't like got introduced. I won't disagree with that. I'm not sure how many of 'em went very far.

Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

What a maroon this benion fella is! Have we REALLY come to this point in America where if someone even QUESTIONS the proper role of taxation, it is somehow considered "haranguing" business?! Wow! What's got INTO ol' benion? Time to change the ole motto! How bout of the business, by the business, and FOR the business!.....and the maroons from the Chamber of Cancer! (my name for'em, cause I have seen them testify endlessly in FAVOR of every polluting monstrosity proposed in Montana!) But this nonsensical argument by benion is simply the old industry argument wrapped up in economics! Look, every time an evil polluter wants something, they whine and whine about balance! Ever notice that? What "balance" means to a polluter is that each time they ask, they take half. UNTIL THERE'S NOTHING LEFT! mr. maroon benion is using a similar tactic. He's whining that it's haranguing business as long as business is not gettin everyhing it wants! In other words, more than their share each time they ask! And the haranguing won't stop until they have everything! Kind of a dumb argument. I mean, who in the hello wrote the country's ENERGY policy? BIG OIL, behind closed doors! Now, I ask mr. benion, can business get any MORE of what they want than that?! This guy should really shut up before he angers people REAL good! During the session before last, the Lege gave tax breaks totalling more that FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to the corporations, eighty percent of that going to the five largest outta state corporations! I mean for God's sake! What does this guy want? Maybe we could all just send our paychecks directly to the Chamber of Cancer! But in any event, I too would really, REALLY like to see some specific examples of mr. benion's "haranguing". But I don't think he can do it! Come ON, mr. benion. You made the claim, now back it up!.......or look the fool.

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Brad Molnar said...

Bennion had a point...sort of. If you were on the Governors "good guy list" you were fine. If however you were one on the other 99% of Montana employers you were only a funding source. But that is true of all groups ie. If you are a primary residence type you get back up to $400. If you are a renter you got vetoed. Which cuts deeper into the Republican base? Will renters remember they were shunned in favor of more government spending?

If you are a green energy developer with nothing in Montana to tax you get taxed at 1.5% (1.5% x nothing comes to $0.) If you are here and providing jobs you got no relief. If you are from NorthWest Energy you get asked if there is anything else the "wildly popular" Gov. can deliver to Sioux Fall, So. Dak. The message is clear. Whats not clear is if Larry Kalj has a job.

Anonymous said...

Well of COURSE I have a job, Brad. Well, not actually a "job" per se. But I most certainly DO have a mission in life. And that's buggin' the beejeebus outta rightwingers! But seriously, brad, in your ENTIRE POST I saw NOTHING to substantiate mr. benyon's accusation. Do you know if he actually HAS anything specific? Or is he much like you, simply a guv basher?


Dave Rye said...

Why did I just KNOW that post was by Larry even before my eyes shifted to the signature at the bottom? Must've been the logical argument expressed by the low-keyed lingo.

Jim Larson said...

Rarely does any government policy harm or help the entire business community.

A few weeks ago our local legislative liaison from the Chamber of Commerce noted that legislation supported by the Chamber generally helped some of its members while it "screwed" other members. He was speaking to the Heights Business Optimists.