Wednesday, May 09, 2007

He's back

The jackpot paid this morning. Final grades were due by noon in all three college classes I was teaching. I had to make a speech at 10 a.m. It was deadline day at The Outpost, and I was up all night getting the paper out.

Got 'er done. Even got a couple of hours of sleep this afternoon. So now school's out, and I'm back contemplating what to do with this sadly underused blog. Having the summer free seems like a vast expanse of unoccupied time, but it isn't that easy. Running this business is easily a couple of full-time jobs, and it has suffered for my absence. Getting the blog going is only one of many possible priorities, and I haven't yet sorted out how I will approach them all. It's not clear to me that blogging is all that good a use of my time. On the whole, I would rather study German grammar.

But this afternoon I got a message from my hometown in Texas: "Your fans down here around Victoria hope you'll update your blog pretty soon." That made my day. And it was enough to get at least this much going on the blog.


Chuck Rightmire said...

Glad you're back. Keep talking.

michael said...

I knew you were busy AND it is a FULL time job running a weekly as I know that firsthand...Keep up the GOOD work Dave.

DMerriman said...

It's alive!

It's ALIVE!!



Dave Rye said...

Hey, Chuck and I finally agree about something!

jcurmudge said...

Things must be getting better - Dave Rye is now finding some agreement with Democrats.