Monday, August 20, 2007

Al Jazeera -- nowhere near you

The refusal of American cable companies to carry the English language version of Al Jazeera is one of the great disgraces of our time. The fact that Al Jazeera presents points of view that Americans object to isn't a a negative; it's a good thing. We need to hear that perspective, even if only to avoid blundering into ill-considered wars (hat tip to Paul Stephens).


Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace. Heck, the cable companies have no problem carrying Fox News Channel (which I don't find either "fair" or "balanced") so why not Al Jazeera?

Anonymous said...

Al Jazeera was reporting the TRUTH from Iraq during the invasion and after. And this truth is what MOST of the rest of the world saw. We saw a drugged-dry drunk idiot prancing across the deck of an aircraft carrier is a presiduncial codpiece, they saw the rape of Fallujah. Is it any wonder that the rest of the world is much better informed than your average American who STILL thinks that Saddam Hussien had something to do with 9-11??

Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

Paul Whiting said...

A related question: is 'Sicko' showing here in Billings yet? It irritates me no end that the powers-that-be determine we can't see an important film. Whether you like Michael Moore or not, why is that choice made for us and not by us? What kind of city is this?

Anonymous said...

Get yourself a satellite receiver, and a big dish and you can pick up Al-Jazeera, but why would you want to?

Anonymous said...

Eric - the truth can happen anywhere on the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

I live in portugal and I watch English Al Jazeera most of the time. They are no much diferent from CNN or BBC.

look at the fellows .
al jazeera correspondent in palestinian territories
jacky rowland ( former bbc journalist )

Rula Amin -former cnn

Mike Anna
former CNN jerusalem bureau chief
Zeina Khodr

has been working in national and international news for over 15 years with major organisations including Al Jazeera, MBC, Emirates Dubai Television, BBC World Service and CNN.

Walid Batrawi
Walid was a correspondent for BBC Arabic Service Radio.

In short : Same old shit.
They are anti israeli and generally anti west.

When it comes to US cable companies refusing to broadcast Al Jazeera I think thats fine.

One of the disgraces of our time is the relentless propaganda of al Jazeera and other media ( BBC included ) against the west.

This does fuel terrorism and war.

Its ok that these chanells get punished once awhile.
Look at what did happen in rwanda genocide in 1994. More than 500 000 were butchered because media incited hatred.

Anonymous said...

15 years ago I believed in free press. No more.
People cannot be allowded to broadcast whatever they want.
Restrictions must be imposed ( Or law suits ).

Media fuels terrorism.

From Al Manar beacon of hatred
Ayat al-Akhras, a young Palestinian woman, reportedly watched al-Manar incessantly before blowing herself up in front of a Jerusalem supermarket in March 2002, killing two Israelis and wounding twenty-eight others.

end of quote.

In the rwanda genocide media had a pivotal role inciting violence and murder.

Its a dangerous ilusion to believe that media should be allowded to broadcast whatever they want to.