Saturday, August 25, 2007

Viva Cambodia

This week's best delivery day talk radio rant came from Bill O'Reilly, who said that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was "off the charts" on the far left.

Off the charts? I thought the chart pretty much ended at Karl Marx. So if the P-I is off the charts, with whom is it aligning itself? Pol Pot? Next time you see a pro-Khmer Rouge editorial in the P-I, be sure to give O'Reilly a call. You might get a free copy of his latest best-seller, "The No Sense Zone."

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Jim Larson said...

Why you pinko left-wing bilingual print-loving professorial snob. How dare you question Mr. O'Reilly? He makes governments topple and women swoon. God I wish I were him.

Didn't he go to Harvard? Didn't we attend state institutions? Didn't his boss just buy Dow Jones? Aren't we lucky if we can afford a Jones soda? If he wants to ignore all but a tiny section of the political spectrum, who are we to question him?

Please please please God don't let Mr. O'Reilly read David's blog entry. He might call for a boycott of the Outpost. He might call Mr. Crisp--gasp--a pinhead.