Friday, August 22, 2003

Evelyn Pyburn argues that the reason deregulation hasn't worked is because nobody has tried it yet.

Lt. Gov. Karl Ohs won't try for the big job. Or so says this news release from Bob Brown:

"Bob Brown, Secretary of State and GOP Candidate for governor praised Lt. Governor Karl Ohs Friday for his service to the state.

"Ohs announced Friday he would not be a candidate for governor in 2004.

“'Karl Ohs is a gentleman and a very able leader for the state of Montana.' Brown said. 'Although he has indicated he will not be a gubernatorial candidate this election cycle, I know he has a lot to offer Montana both now and in the future.'

"Brown said that during the next several months he would seek Ohs’ advice and input. 'As we continue with the campaign I am hopeful his many supporters and friends will consider my candidacy for governor,' Brown said.

"'Karl has an especially strong group of supporters in the ag community that I consider very important to both our economy and to our great way of life in Montana,' Brown said. 'He’s done a lot of important work with the drought advisory council and with the educational community. In all, I wish Karl the best in his time remaining as lieutenant governor and commend him for the great work he does for the people of Montana.'”

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